Friday, June 5, 2015

Last Minute Pick For Cotto vs Geale from Brooklyn. Where To Watch Online?

Daniel Geale & Miguel Cotto. What To Expect. It’s Close.

Miguel Cotto defends his WBC Title against Daniel Geale this weekend from Brooklyn, New York at a 157 Pound Catchweight. The most important topic of this week has been Geale's struggle to weight. He was ten pounds over the weight limit with one week to go and looked drained. Let me break down what will happen this Saturday night in Brooklyn, as I haven’t been this confident of an upset for a long time.

Scenario 1: Geale fails to make weight. This is a very real possibility. Widespread romours are he’s going to come in heavy. If he comes in at 160 or above, I think Team Cotto will call in a replacement and the fight will be off. If Geale comes in at 158 or 159, we probably still have a fight. If you think there isn’t a chance Cotto calls the bout off, well he has turned into a bit of a diva in the past 3 years. He constantly talks about himself in third person and he will call the fight off. Replacements have already been sought. I would say there is a 40% chance this happens.

Scenario 2: Geale makes weight and re-hydrates around 175 pounds. This is Geale’s last shot at being a star in the US and he won’t quit this time. He knows everything is on the line. Geale has lost a close fight to Barker, which I had him winning by 1 round and he fought poorly against Golovkin and quit in the 4th round. This time Geale is going to leave it all in the ring and I think there is a very good chance he outboxes Cotto. He is a lot bigger than Cotto and has a much longer reach. I’m expecting Cotto to have success on the inside, but Geale will have much more success as the fight will be fought on the outside for large periods of time.

Expect an upset. Since the start this was a horrible fight for Team Cotto to pursue. The bout provides a huge risk yet Geale isn't well known in the States and gets treated similarly to most foreign fighters.

If you are trying to watch Geale vs Cotto Online I wouldn’t bother. Live streams are being taken down at a very fast rate over the past few months. There will be full fight replay to Geale vs Cotto on youtube a few hours, but it will most likely be in a foreign language.

Cotto is losing fans by the day with his constant demands and bulging ego. I have been a long time fan of Miguel but have recently been turned off by his lack of respect and for not giving his opponent his due.  It should be great to see the younger generation shine through with humility. 

Andrew Cimino

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