Sunday, February 3, 2013

Opening Remarks At The Villanueva Boxing Academy

We are gathered here today because we acknowledge our imperfections and we want to give more meaning to our lives.  We believe the only way to cure our individual imperfections is by endeavoring to live a noble life.  And by that I mean living a life in service to others.  That way we are able to bridge out the gap where others fall short, just as your strengths will compensate in areas where we are weak, and vice-versa, and with that kind of bond we hope to establish we aim to become the best people we can be.  

If we are made in the image and likeness of the lord, then i think it should naturally follow that we are also like him in essence.  Jesus was a carpenter; a builder. And just maybe that is why every time i wake up and go out there to the world I always end up fixing myself. And it feels so good to be able to help others, too.  All my life it has always been like that, about fixing and building and maybe we are all carpenters by life profession.

That is what this gym is all about.  It's about each and every one of us.  It's about the youth, to guide them, keep them off the streets through boxing.  By helping them, we are fixing ourselves up.  Soon we at the Villanueva Boxing Academy will be participating in deeper causes, such as environmental clean ups and tree planting projects, as I am collaborating with the Teresian Association Youth Ministry to help guide us farther down the line.  And with our future mayor, a fine gentleman whom we are truly grateful for in Rommel Ynion, we will be able to stay active in developments in our society; sports, seminars and maybe even leadership trainings. We need our youth to grow up as well-rounded individuals.

Why boxing? I love boxing, my father loved boxing, our grandfathers loved boxing. Boxing is the best sport in the world. 

Boxing is the best metaphor for life. 

They say life is one big fight, and like all fights we need a game plan going in.  My game plan is very simple: Do what is good.  If you keep doing what is good you cannot go wrong regardless of the outcome.  But the Villanueva Boxing Academy is not just a gym.  We are nation-building. We are saving lives.  This is where lost dreams are reborn. 

Life is boxing. And you know the saying that Boxing is like life. It is better to give than to receive.

Mark F. Villanueva
Villanueva Boxing Academy

Mark currently lives in Iloilo City and can be followed through

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