Monday, July 5, 2010

Boxing in Our Family

My wife Barbra is also a boxing fan like myself and most members of our immediate family, and when we were together in Manila before my assignment in Iloilo City we used to train side by side at the Elorde gym in Mandaluyong. I remember she was invited many times to participate in exhibition matches between students from other Elorde branches across the National Capital Region but we both had agreed beforehand that she wouldn't get involved in fights; only for the fitness. She used to spar regularly with Jay, whose last name I forgot, who also fought later on that year in the undercard of undefeated Filipino Super Flyweight Drian Francisco.

Mom with Pinoy idol and now Congressman, current Pound 4 Pound number one fighter in the world Manny Pacquiao in a Thai restaurant close to the famed Wild Card Gym of Freddie Roach.


  1. Like the site. just had a little time to look over a few others before I found yours. I have a quick question for u, I am moving to Cadbadaran soon and have a question that I think u are the best person to answer. I am a 38 year old, out of shape, over weight American whose father box a little in the army, he later giving small lessons to me and my brother between ages 12 and 14 before he died. Always enjoyed it, but I was just a kid spending time with his dad. He worked two jobs, so I never really have gym time to train, but always enjoyed and respect the sport. Sorry about the Biography, but it may effect answer to question.


    I read on another Blog, if u just going to gym to get in shape do not go to a real boxing gym, because there is likely to be a bad element there. The writer was hinting that it may be dangerous, I never heard or thought that. My father never hint that, true I was kid, but I was not stupid. We lived in a high crime neighborhood, I knew trouble when I saw it, even at 12. But I'm new to the neighborhood, new to the culture. as well as new to boxing in addition to being old and out of shape. I want to train some, not only to get in shape, but to be able to help a few kids in the future get some gym time and a real trainer, with me just filling in as part time promoter/assistant to them, but I need to get a basic education of the sport. I am like guy who dad read him some nursery rhyme when he was a kid and now I say I want to help young author write and publish his first book. I'm ignorant to skills and knowledge to be of service to anyone. Other than maybe helping with ride to gym and some fees, I not know if it is right for the kid, not know a good trainer from a bad one, I don’t even know the basics that a boxer learn in first 30 days in a real gym. I not do a kid any favors if I not able to at least know the basics, that he is getting a competent trainer, if he even have any chance in sport, or worse I screw up kid with potential by being ignorant and giving him a bad introduction to the sport. But I'm not in hurray, I can learn a rate people and experiences afford me. When I feel comfortable, I talk with people I respect and ask there advice and go from there. So I know I'm ignorant, know I not be first priority of real trainer (wouldn't change that if I could, not want to take resources from young talent). Fine with all that, know everybody not like me, not looking for a group therapy love fest, looking for a real gym to learn. Not dream of promoting big talent like Don King, no contracts, better deal come along I drive them to the airport, wish them the best and hope to watch on TV one day. Just want to be a very small part of a small gym in my neighborhood and help a few kids get some time in the gym that otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity. Sorry so dam long, but not want to go where I'm not welcomed in a new country if those in the know think it may be dangerous for me to do so. I'm not worried about a possible ass kicking, If it a must I can afford that. Just not want any real trouble, u understand. But I not think that about gym, but I humbly ask u, because I only ever been to small informal gym in USA as a kid, read one guys opinion and not really know what the hell I'm talking about! Thanks

  2. i dont see any harm in your intentions, and you know that a good deed can never go wrong. i say if you are really serious in your intentions of helping, then go for it. i'd be glad to assist you if you want. i think the kids would be blessed to have a kind hearted person like you, foreigner or local.