Saturday, June 26, 2010

Barrera Signs With TopRank

After Marco Antonio Barrera’s sluggish comeback fight and a loss to the speedy Brit Amir Khan I thought I have seen enough of that futile comeback effort last year. While some boxing fans welcomed his return with mixed emotions, expressing concern over his health with his decision to extend action in this brutal sport and some questioning his real intentions, I was more skeptical about his ability to “entertain”, after all, as Top Rank big boss Bob Arum says, “Boxing is an entertainment provided by well-conditioned athletes.”

Now at 36 years old Barrera, who has been through many wars in the ring and who many believe has nothing more to prove has signed up this week with Top Rank after ending his partnership with Oscar Dela Hoya’s Golden Boy, and fight fans ask with raised brows “What’s on his mind??”

Evidently, it's a fourth world title.

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