Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Team Iloilo Fun Times

Nooo, brother, that's not Manny Pacquiao. Gumban is a boxer from Roxas.
Local pug Ruben Magno with Andrev Bernal

Waiting for the parade to commence. That serious looking guy at the right, the one with the Oakley glasses is not with the Special Forces. That's me.
Georgy Porgy says, "You lookin at me?!! I'm talkin to you. You looking at me? You? Me?"

It's not all serious for Team Iloilo. Here, Andrev sneaked in to capture a photo of coach Pidong napping at the Roxas Gymnasium. (From left to right) Mark F. Villanueva, coach John Estrella, and coach Alfredo "Pidong" Amistoso Sr.

Mark currently lives in Iloilo City and can be followed through

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