Thursday, August 12, 2010

Don King Quotes

These are excerpts from an interview by Chris Robinson of the Las Vegas Boxing Examiner:

“Boxing is life,” King said. “Throughout my time in boxing I have learned that there is no other sport in the world that can emulate and embody the ups and downs of life like boxing can. Life is like a foot race and boxing in many ways is like a mirror image to life. The joys and sorrows of life and the dedication and hard work all go hand in hand with boxing. And just as in life, you have to have the determination and the unrelenting desire to achieve and be successful in this sport. No matter what direction you go in your life you have to have certain qualifications to make it and the sport of boxing represents nearly all of those essential qualities.”

“Throughout my time in life I have learned that you will encounter people who will close the door on you and say they have no need for you,” King said bluntly. “People will have apathy for you and not even give you any consideration. The key thing is to not fall prey to this by drowning in your own sorrows. You have to always be vigilant in life and you have to be relentless. Along with this you must also have faith in God and everything you do. Once you have that faith, you can move mountains. You have to be able to find a perfect balance and a way to deal with that faith and apply it to all obstacles you encounter in life.”

“The Business of boxing is about the attraction,” King claimed. “You will see some people talk about money first but what they need to realize is that the attraction comes first. I realized that if you had something that was worth a million dollars you could promote it to where it became worth over ten million dollars. The bottom line is that you need to put the people before the money and when you do that the profits will come. I become a promoter of the people, for the people, and by the people. I don’t really promote the sport as much as I promote the individuals within the sport. The sport is the reason itself why the people come together to watch an event. You have to find a way to put everything together to create a demand and from there you create a supply to supply the demand that you created.”

“You make money, money doesn’t make you. People need to hear this and understand this. You can have a lot of money but if you are a no good son of a bitch you will still be a no good son of a b**** who just happens to have a lot of money. You have to understand that if you had to choose between power and money, choose power, because power creates money. Money can’t change power. All money can do is give you a false sense of power because you want to abuse and misuse it instead of uplifting and elevating things through it. Money doesn’t change the nature of the beast. The person has to find a way to have a heart, be compassionate, and find a way to get involved. If something is wrong you can’t sit on the sidelines and wonder ‘what if’, you have to find a way to make change yourself.”

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